About Plum Coulee School

Plum Coulee School is a part of the Garden Valley School Division


Plum Coulee School is a K-8 school with an enrolment of 200 students and approximately 30 combined professional/support staff. Along with a comprehensive intramural program, Plum Coulee School offers a broad range of extra-curricular options that include such things as soccer, volleyball, basketball, dramas, as well as many others. The school is an integral part of the beautiful town of Plum Coulee, located just 13 kms east of Winkler on Hwy 14. Walk its pathways, enjoy the beach, visit the Heritage Square and soak in the warmth of the friendly people and you too will understand the growing attraction of this vibrant community.

Plum Coulee School – We believe in kindness, safety, doing our best and learning together.